Tricks to Find the Right Shop for Kitchen Cabinet Restoration in Miami


Kitchen cabinet restoration is a hectic process. If you’re not careful enough to choose the right shop for the job, then your kitchen will be a mess. Do you know that it is essential to prime the wood cabinets before painting them so that the paint doesn’t peel off? Of course, you’ve no idea about this. Hence, when you avail the restoration service from a wrong company, they are sure to cheat on you!

However, kitchen cabinet restoration in Miami is now hassle-free. Thanks to Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing. We proudly claim to be the best furniture repair shop in Florida because of our excellent repair and restoration services. With our experienced woodworkers, you can be assured that your cabinet refinishing will be perfect. Along with kitchen cabinet restoration in Miami, you’ll also get furniture restoration and customized cabinet making services from Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing.

However, not all furniture repair shops in Florida will give the best kitchen cabinet refinishing services at affordable rates. For that, we are listing some tricks that’ll be helpful for you when you begin your search!

Tip 1: Choose an experienced company for cabinet restoration

New companies can offer discounts and tempting rates for cabinet restoration. But if you fall in the trap, then you’re doomed! Always search for an experienced company. Don’t forget to check the profile of the craftsmen to be sure of their experience and skills. Experienced craftsmen will give a smooth finish to your cabinets.

You can blindly trust our team of skilled woodworkers at Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing for kitchen cabinet restoration in Miami.

Tip 2: Check the reviews and testimonials

Do you want to be sure about the company’s reputation before hiring it? Then what’s better than online reviews and testimonials! A happy customer is the best source of advertisement. You can also visit the forums and enquire about the company. Positive reviews will help you develop your confidence in the company and help you choose the correct company for the job.

Reviews will confirm that Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing is one of the best furniture repair shops in Florida. Stop searching and give us a call now!

Tip 3: Enquire about the cabinet restoration process

Once you’ve shortlisted some of the names, visit them and ask about their restoration process. What is the process? Are the cabinets removed from the walls? Are the back of the cabinets also refinished? Do they clean and apply prime on the cabinets before painting? Ask these questions and tell them to narrate the whole process in an easy language before you hire them. Without the correct refinishing process your kitchen will be a mess and your money will be wasted. 

At Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing, however, we provide complete cabinet layout modification. For the protection of your restored cabinets, we use rigid thermal foil (RTF) for the cabinet doors and drawers.

Tip 4: Check for surround-protection processes

When you decide on restoring your kitchen cabinets, it’s only the cabinet parts that you’re planning on restoring and refinishing and not the whole kitchen. Then what about the counter tops and floors? What if the floor tiles break during the restoration process? The company will not take any responsibility! Hence, when you select the shop first discuss with them about the cleaning and surround-protection processes. Make sure that the company is going to clean up the mess. 

Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing is the best furniture repair shop in Florida which you can rely on. Our workers will take out the cabinets and return them after the restoration process is done.

Tip 5: Get the quotes

Before you select any furniture, restoration shops, make sure that you obtain quotes from them. Compare the quotes along with the reviews and years of experience and select the best alternative. Some shops tend to add many miscellaneous expenses at the end of the bill. It’s better to get a clear quotation breakup from the shop in a written document before you hire. These are essentials and hence you need to be aware of these documents. 

Hire from Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing and you will get kitchen cabinet restoration services at affordable rates.

Tip 6: Delivery time line

The Kitchen is an essential part of the house. How long can you manage to work in a kitchen without cabinets? Before you hire a company make sure you ask about the delivery time line. You can’t afford to spend a month on kitchen cabinet remodelling! In case of doubts, you can also get a written document drafted by the company stating the agreed time line for completion of the work. 

Next time when you plan to restore your kitchen cabinets remember these easy tricks and hire the best company for the job.

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