Things to Avoid While Renovating Your Kitchen Cabinets

want to Renovating Your Kitchen Cabinets ? Are you ready with your plans of kitchen cabinet renovation? You must be super-excited and must have started shopping for new cabinets, drawers, etc. 

However, when you’re making such a huge investment, make sure everything is perfect once it’s done! The Kitchen cabinet restoration in Miami has become easy now because Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing is now at your service.

We provide outstanding services for cabinet making in Florida. Hire our woodworkers and get beautiful personalized cabinets. We use original designs for cabinet making in Florida

Revive your antique furniture pieces as well – contact Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing. Our skilled craftsmen provide furniture repair and restoration, cabinet making and woodworking services at unbelievably low rates. 

Although people spent a lot on getting trendy kitchen cabinets, however, there are some common mistakes which they make in the process. 

Thus, before you embark on your restoration journey, here are few tips to help you avoid those mistakes. Go on read them and keep them in mind!

1. Don’t try offbeat designs

Just because it’s your kitchen, that doesn’t give you the freedom of trying any random design while renovating. Always remember kitchen cabinets are not just storage counters, rather, they add to the aesthetic beauty of the kitchen.

Research and look up the trendy and economical designs. If your old cabinets were traditional in style, then go for rustic, glass-front or contemporary designs. 

With Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing now available in Florida, you’re bound to receive the best services for kitchen cabinet restoration in Miami. Are you not able to decide the type of cabinet design you need? No issues, we are there to help you! Our consultants will suggest designs matching to your home interiors.

2. Don’t throw away old cabinets

If your old cabinets were made of fine wood and they are still in good condition, then never throw away the old cabinets. Most of the time it is seen that during cabinet renovation the old ones have been dumped. Please don’t take this unreasonable step! Wooden cabinet frames are costly. Hence, if your wood is of good quality, ask the professionals to use the frames for the new cabinets.

Be smart and save thousands!

If you’re availing the kitchen cabinet restoration in Miami service from Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing, then you’re in a luck. We reuse old cabinet materials. We add doors and drawers, repaint and re-laminate and restore cabinets at the lowest possible costs.

3. Avoid choosing fragile materials when Renovating Your Kitchen Cabinets

The glass cabinets look elegant. But think, how carefully you’ll be required to close the cabinet doors while working in the kitchen! Glass cabinets can be a mess during the rush hours. 

Avoid any fragile material when you’re renovating the cabinets. Pretty things are not always useful! Again, be careful if you’re opting for solid wood. It may look like the best choice for cabinets; however, solid woods tend to expand and contract with changes in humidity. You’ll be left with cracked joints at the end of monsoon!

Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing uses MDF, plywood and hardboard for cabinet making in Florida. Be rest assured that you’ll get durable cabinets if you hire our experts.

4. Stay within the budget

Make a budget before you embark on the journey. However, don’t go beyond your capacity. Overall kitchen cabinet restoration can be costly and will drain out all your savings if you’re not vigilant. 

Try to take advantage of the old cabinets. Sometimes just adding a door, laminating the exteriors or re-painting the cabinets can do the trick. If you’re planning for complete cabinet restoration or change of design, then get quotes from different shops and go for the economical one!

Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing is one such shop that charges very low prices for cabinet restoration. We know the value of your hard-earned money!

5. Take professional help when Renovating Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re not a professional woodworker, then kitchen cabinet restoration is not your job! Your skills and creativity can damage the existing cabinets and increase your expenses. 

Don’t be in a hurry to buy drawers, frames and new cabinets without consulting with professionals. You may need to throw them away. Let the professional list out the things required for renovation.

Restoration consultants at Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing will guide you on material, design, color and cost of kitchen cabinet restoration. Stop by for a quick consultation before you hand over the project.

Next time when you think of renovating your kitchen cabinets, think of Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing!

Hire our renovation experts and have a stress-free renovation process. Avoid these common mistakes and get durable, pocket-friendly and beautiful kitchen cabinets.


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