Furniture Replace or Restore – How Will You Decide?

Furniture Replace or Restore : Furniture pieces don’t have an expiry date. Then, how will you decide the time of its replacement? It’s easy to determine the replacement date for a sofa, curtain or carpets because the stuffing will fall out. But, what about a piece of wooden furniture? The glow is lost but the furniture piece is working perfectly!

Don’t want to lose the antique piece? Then, you can approach, Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing which is a company providing furniture restoration in Miami.

No piece of furniture is meant to last forever! If any minor repairs are required to be done, you can approach us for quick and flawless furniture repair in Miami. Nevertheless, when you notice that the design, style, age, and condition of the furniture has become obsolete – you know that this is the right time to replace the furniture.

Let’s say you have been using a 50-year-old dining table. Don’t expect to use the same for the next 20 years. Look around, you’ll find modern style glass dining tables. Go with the trend. We know, that you might have an emotional attachment with the antique piece. Sale it now! You may not get any purchaser a few years later!

Furniture restoration in Miami is now a cakewalk as Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing is now in South Florida. We have a specialized team of woodworkers who can give you the correct estimation of your antique furniture piece. Get your antique checked by our experts. If restoration is possible then, we do it at the least possible cost.

How would you know that it’s time for new furniture? Getting a quick answer to this question is difficult. Hence, we have listed down a few points that will help you get an answer to this question!

1. Outdated furniture

When your great grandfather had purchased the wooden shelf 50 years back, it might have been a trend then! However, it is looking odd in your well-decorated bedroom now. Admit it, although antique pieces have high financial value, however, with the passing years, the style, design and the material used for the furniture piece may become outdated.

That’s exactly the time when you must take a stand – replace or restore. Get a quotation from an antique shop and sell the furniture at a high price. You can then easily purchase trending furniture pieces with that money.

In case you’re thinking of restoring, then Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing is the best place for you.

Our craftsmen have the capability of curving new designs in old furniture, changing the color and the wooden finish of the furniture and giving a completely new look to the old furniture.

2. Scratches and dents

Do you expect an antique furniture piece to be flawless? Remember you’re using it for more than 50 years. Over the years, these furniture pieces have developed an innumerable number of scratches, dents, rips, and burns. First search for good furniture repair in Miami services. 

However, if the furniture has been structurally damaged due to these issues, then you know it’s time for replacement. 

You can also opt for restoration. However, even during restoration, the issues are not resolved. Then, it’s better to get the furniture replaced rather than restoring the same. 

For top-class repair services, hire woodworkers from Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing. Apart from restoration, we have expertise in providing perfect furniture repair services. Our furniture makers fix the interior and exterior issues of the furniture. On-site precision repairs are our specialty. 

Next time you see a small dent on your wooden furniture piece, don’t leave it unattended. Hire our woodworkers and get quick, reliable and flawless service. 

3. Creaking noises and broken parts

If you hear creaking noise whenever you sit on the chair, then there is probably a structural damage. If it’s a piece of old furniture, then structural damage is a common phenomenon. 

What to do in such cases? The best option is to replace the furniture. The furniture is already old and it’s structurally damaged, then what’s the point of keeping the same? 

Over time, wooden materials inside the furniture pieces become weak making it beyond repair. Hence, don’t waste time. Buy a new one.

Again, if the legs of the wooden chairs or tables become wobbly, replace the same as soon as possible. With the passing time, you may find that the wood is also splitting. As soon as you see all these signs, start looking for a new chair!

Contact Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing and get help from our consultants in these matters. If your furniture is beyond repair, then they will immediately inform you. 

May it be repair or restoration – Eddy’s Furniture Restoration & Wood Work Finishing is the company you can always trust!

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