Pros and Cons of Furniture Restoration in Miami


Pros of furniture restoration & cons of furniture restoration : Are you using all the old furniture pieces in your new home? Is it looking worn out and odd in the new environment? Certainly, your answer is yes. But why throw away or exchange the antique pieces for new ones? After all antiques have high monetary value. Walk up to Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing. We specialize in furniture restoration in Miami

Our services such as furniture repair in Miami is your best option whenever your furniture breaks, or dents occur. With Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing, you don’t need to invest in new furniture pieces. Our skilled craftsmen and woodworkers have the capability of restoring and repairing furniture and bring back the original look. 

Whenever you think of restoration probably many questions come to your mind. Is the shop reliable? Do they have good wood workers? What will happen if they damage the antique piece? How much will be the cost? Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing has the answers for you! Our services such as furniture restoration in Miami provides cabinet and furniture refurbishment at industry best prices. 

However, before you take the big decision of restoring your antique, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of furniture restoration.

Pros of furniture restoration

  1. Emotional attachment

Yes, we all have some nostalgia or emotional attachment with old pieces of furniture. Every antique piece has a story to tell. So, it’s difficult to just throw it away when it gets old. With restoration services, you get your old furniture back with a new look. What’s the benefit? You can use it for more than 20 years and be happy that you didn’t have to sell it.

  1. Saves your money

It is an economical decision to restore or repair the furniture rather than selling and buying a new one. If you are bored with the design, then give it to Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing. Our services such as furniture repair in Miami. will add and customize the piece as per your choice. Buying a new one will drain all your savings. The best alternative is to get it refurbished. 

  1. High value of antique pieces

There are frequent cases where the furniture owner unknowingly sells the antique without even knowing the actual value of the same. We have an advice. Approach Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing. The consultants for furniture restoration in Miami will guide you about the actual value of your antique. Now you’re rich! Because you’ve one of the rarest antiques with you. 

  1. More durable

As the saying goes “old is gold”, your old furniture pieces are stronger, more durable and made of better-quality materials compare to the new designer pieces that attract you. Most of the new furniture pieces that you’ll purchase will be expensive but will come with a guarantee of around 10 years approximately. Now it’s your call – refurbished old furniture or glittery new furniture!

Cons of furniture restoration

1.Getting a good restoration shop

From the moment you decide on getting your old piece restored, your search for a good shop begins. With all reviews and suggestions, it becomes difficult to choose. Furniture repair shops in Miami at times can misguide you. It becomes difficult to blindly hand over your prized piece to any random shop. 

  1. Time-consuming activity

Be patient as the magic won’t happen overnight! In majority cases, it is seen that the customers expect the restoration process to be completed within 2-3 days. However, for the best restoration or repair services the craftsmen generally need a time of more than 15 days or even a month depending on the extent of the damage. Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing is one of the best furniture repair shops in Miami and we try to complete the restoration process within the least amount of time. 

  1. High price

How much will be the cost of restoration? This is a common question that hovers over the mind of every customer before they make the decision. There is no denying the fact that complete refurbishment costs a lot. However, don’t let the shops rob you. You need to be aware of the costs and types of refurbishment that they are doing on your furniture. With Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing, you can be assured that you’ll get the best value for your money.


If you’re living in Miami and search for good furniture repair and restoration shop, then Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing is your best choice. No disadvantages, only high-quality service and customer satisfaction is our priority. Give your old and broken furniture pieces to us and we will give them a brand-new look. 

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