How to Take Care of Antique Furniture Pieces

Do you have a 16th century Elizabethan closet at your place? Or is your great grandmother’s mirror looking shabby? Then you have certainly not taken care of your antique furniture pieces. Every antique furniture has a story to tell. 

We, at Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing, understand the value of old furniture pieces. Our reliable and experienced group of wood workers provides the best services for furniture restoration in Miami

If you’ve got an antique furniture piece at your place, take proper care of the same. Repair and restoration can’t always be the option. If the furniture is damaged to a large extent, then repairing the same will cost you a fortune! What you need to do then? Find a reliable furniture repair shop in Florida for the right service at the right price. 

At Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing, you’ll get reliable services such as furniture repair in Miami . Give us one opportunity and our magic touch will give a refreshing look to your old furniture pieces. 

To avoid frequent restoration, you should care for your antique furniture pieces. You may get suggestions from people to dab oil on old furniture. Don’t expect a miracle after that! Because that is not the correct way to clean or care for antiques.

Here are some essential rules which you should strictly follow to keep your antiques in the best possible condition:

care of your antique furniture by following the rules


Rule 1: Avoid soaps and sprays

Never use soap, spray and water to clean your antiques every day! Don’t get fooled by the advertisements of the commercial spray companies! The sprays and water leave oily residue on the surface of the furniture. Your intention is wise, but your process is wrong. 

Our services such as furniture restoration in Miami provides polishing and waxing services for your antiques. This restores the lost glow of the old pieces. 

Rule 2: Stop insects’ infestation

Your 70-year-old wardrobe is the desirable home for the termites and insects. Keep checking for such insect infestations. As soon as you see them, use strong and poisonous insecticides to clear them. What’s more dangerous? Your Victorian upholstery is highly prone to be nested by small rodents. Always keep your surroundings and furniture pieces clean. Eradicate them before they ruin your furniture. 

Rule 3: Protect from extreme weather conditions

Sunlight is important for your house. It refreshes and brings in warmth. But it’s harmful for your antiques. It’s better to keep the curtains near the furniture pieces and protect them from sun rays. If you find your old armchair turning yellowish, then blame the UV rays for it. 

At Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing, by refinishing your antiques we can remove the yellowish coating within the blink of an eye. 

Rule 4: Avoid furniture oil to care of your antique furniture

Is your wooden sofa set looking shabby and dry? What comes to your mind immediately? We are certain that you start putting oil expecting to get back the glow. This is the wrong process that you follow. Although initially after putting oil the furniture surface may glow, after some time the specks of dust get deposited on the furniture. Oil coating fastens the process! 

Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing has the solution for you. Our experts use furniture wax or butcher wax to coat your antiques. 

Rule 5: Treat the stains correctly for care of your antique furniture

You’ve served tea to the guests on the Victorian tea table, everyone is appreciating the beauty of the table. Doesn’t it feel nice? But to your worst nightmare, after they have left, you a find ring mark of the teacup and spilled tea over your favourite tea table. Clean that as soon as possible. Remember don’t be harsh on the furniture piece. Use a soft cloth and carefully rub over the stain. A small tip for you – you can use vinegar or lime juice to easily get rid of the stains!

Still facing issues with stain marks? Visit Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing. Get your stains removed and your furniture polished along with that to maintain the wood texture. 

Rule 6: Regular dusting 

Make dusting a habit. Dusting is not a tiring work if you follow it regularly. Don’t let the dust settle on the furniture pieces. Take a soft cloth and casually remove the dust from the furniture. You can at times slightly wet the cloth to remove the grease and dust easily. 

In the name of restoration majority of the companies change the outer coating, handles, color and texture of the furniture. Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing is the name you can trust blindly. Our wood workers will work magic upon your old furniture pieces and restore them in their former glory. We believe in keeping your memories alive by restoring your old furniture. 

Hire our wood workers and get the best restoration and repair services in Miami.


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