Goodbye Minimalism! 7 Tips to Mix Antiques with Contemporary Furniture!

Want to mix Antiques furniture with Contemporary Furniture? You recently inherited your grandmother’s furniture and you couldn’t be more overwhelmed. After all, her collection includes some of the avant-garde styles from the 18th century. However, even if these are the embodiment of panache back in those days, today they don’t seem fit for your contemporary styled home.

So, what should you do? Should you sell these beauties for good money? But, that seems like such a waste, right? Well, don’t you worry! We at Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work are at your service. We are a furniture repair shop in Florida that has just the skill sets you require to fix your antique beauties.

However, that’s not all! Today, we are also here to elucidate a few tips to mix antiques with contemporary furniture. Now, yes this is a generation for minimalism, so it might seem a tad intimidating to undergo a furniture mix. Nevertheless, we promise you at the end of this blog you’ll be swayed away with how creative you can get with furniture.

So, Let’s Begin!

1. Color Palate Limitation 

The color palate greatly affects a room, and if you’re thinking of mixing furniture then you must focus on the color palate. For example, high-fashion homes in NYC often use antique furniture along with modular kitchen and rooms. 

Thus, to complement the two mixes what interior designers do is they pick muted styles, which are also striking. One example is using a black and white color palette for a room. The black and white background works well to amplify the room along with the antique furniture. Additionally, this muted color combination also works well with juxtaposing contemporary styles with an age-old touch. 

In short, your home looks glamorous!

2. Focus on the Scale

One of the few things you should keep in mind while designing your home is that the scale is very important. 

Now, what is this scale?

The scale here means measuring the comparative size of an object in proportion to objects already present. To understand this better, let’s take a look at a room designed by Charlie Ferrer, this room features tiny objects placed within larger ones. 

So, the contrast created was unique and simplistic. Now, let’s assume you have many antique settees’ from your grandmother’s collection. Therefore, the right way to design a room would be adding smaller things to add that sense of definition to the room.

For example, once you get the settees fixed from a furniture repair shop in Florida, you can buy things like a glass coffee table or a pedestal table. These will look grand amidst the antique furniture.

3. Contemporary Art is a Big Yes!

There is nothing like contemporary art if you wish to design a home. So, supposed you have bought in the old furniture and it’s not working for your room; at that moment the best thing to do is add contemporary art.

For example, take the Brooklyn brownstone owned by Jessica Helgerson; her store has unique old school furniture that looks even glamorouswith contemporary art. This combination moreover, can never go wrong owing to its classy undertone.  

4. Repetition is Cool

When it comes to antique you can use the method of repetition. Therefore, assuming you have similar old school furniture you can use it to create layers. For example, if you have a large table, make sure to add similar patterned chairs along its length.

This will make the room look polished and sophisticated. However, don’t forget to contact a a furniture repair shop in Florida to fix those antiques first.

5. Work a Theme!

The best way to mix or use antique furniture is to conjure up a theme. For example, you can give an old-world charm to your library. For this, you’ll need a winged back chair, an old wooden table, brass baskets etc.

You can also improvise a theme for your dining and living room. Just check your furniture to see what compliments what.

6. Balance is Necessary

Mixing contemporary and antique furniture can be tricky. However, if done with precision your room will look unique. So, if you’re a beginner at designing your home, simply follow the mantra of ‘balance’.

For instance, say you inherited a marble table. Thus, to complement this table you can add rattan or cane chairs. This will give a subtle hint of design without it being overbearing.

For a bolder look, you can also use wood finishing with matte brown or black. This way all your furniture will look similar and gorgeous.

7.  Research and More

As mentioned before, mixing furniture can be overwhelming. However, you can easily save your room from a design disaster if you research. 

For example, look up the internet and check if an old school side chair fits with an artsy room. You can always take pointers from blogs, videos and more. If all that isn’t convincing, contact Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work to know about design tips and more. Thank You!


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