Bring Life into Antique Furniture by Following these Simple Ways!

“There is something about antique furniture that makes one want to stop it reaching the landfills.”

You just moved to Miami and now finally you have a room to yourself. Now, this seems too good to be true, but that means you also have to be responsible for your home. In short, you have to make your room habitable.

Now, how hard can that be? You just need furniture and accessories. But, getting new furniture is costly, inconvenient and extra? Well, no worries! You can simply go to the nearest flea market and buy antique furniture.

However, are you worried that your old-furniture will look worn out and bad? You need not be! There is always Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work at your service. We are furniture repair in Miami that sells some of the best furniture in your town. What’s more? We also provide wood-work services that include the restoration of old furniture.

Nevertheless, today we are here with a few tips to bring life into antique furniture.

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Tips to Restore Old Furniture:

  • Conduct a Research 

When you’re at the flea market, don’t get swayed away by the numerous choices you have. We suggest you carefully inspect each piece before coming to a decision. Start with looking for labels, and marks that can indicate the actual value of the furniture.

If it is of good value, you can add it as a good asset to your home. Once you find a few suitable antiques that are of good quality, bargain a good price and buy it.

  • Safety & DIY

Let’s assume that you have bought furniture that does not need heavy repairing. If so, you can always use a few DIY tips to fix the furniture. However, before you start, our furniture restoration in Miami firmly states that you use the right safety precautions.

There can be injuries from harmful chemicals or wood splinters; so wear gloves and long sleeve clothing for maximum safety. If you’re not confident about the repairs, you can consult any reputed furniture restoring companies to safely fix your furniture.

However, supposing you can master the DIY, opt for cleaning the furniture with warm water, soap and sponge. After that, you can buy spare parts online or sew tears to give the furniture a decent look.

However, for best results, we advise that you consult a furniture restoration in Miami to successfully bring life into antiques.

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Tips to Elongate the Life of Antique Furniture

1) Vacuuming 

Vacuuming isn’t just good for the floors! Your antique furniture can benefit a lot from vacuuming too! It helps remove dust and debris that might be stuck in the upholstery. What’s more? Vacuuming also helps prevent the ‘sandpaper’ effect. (‘The sandpaper effect’ is caused due to friction between a body, dust and debris’)

So, vacuum every 2-3 days to ensure furniture remains soft and clean!

2) No Vitamin D Needed 

 If you haven’t invested in blinds for your home, it is a good option to consider it now. The UV rays of the sun are harmful not only to your skin but also to your furniture. Additionally, old furniture is more susceptible to UV rays.

Therefore, use blinds to keep your furniture safe from direct exposure to the sunlight.

3) Cushion Turning for antique furniture

You might have seen the housekeeping turn cushions inside out all the time. Did you ever wonder why? Well, flipping the cushion helps to even out the fabric smoothly. This helps in making the cushion look near for a longer period.

4) Use All Furniture 

When you’re at the flea market buying all the old furniture, ensure to pick ones you’ll use regularly. Not using furniture for a long period of time can make it wear out off fast. Hence, use all the furniture you buy in periodic intervals.

5) Opt for Fabric Protection for antique furniture

Another good option to consider is to opt for fabric protection. Fabric protection can help remove stains and block some of the harmful radiation that can accumulate and tamper the upholstery. However, relying solely on fabric protection won’t help in elongating the life of your furniture all the time.

So, for best results, you should consult a reputed furniture repair in Miami to protect the old-furniture from noticeable tear and wear.

On that note,

How to Find a Good Furniture Restoration in Town?

The trick to finding a good furniture repair shop isn’t always checking out reviews on the internet. Now, while that is necessary, the best option is to go for word-of-mouth marketing. So, ask around your neighbourhood and find someone who has invested in furniture repairing.

Ask them about the company, and if you feel that they can satisfy your requirements, call them up.

Well, that’s all for now! For best results, you can always contact us at Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work to bring life into your old furniture. Simply visit or ring us to know more!

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