JAN 16 2020

Goodbye Minimalism! 7 Tips to Mix Antiques with Contemporary Furniture!

Want to mix Antiques furniture with Contemporary Furniture? You recently inherited your grandmother’s furniture and you couldn’t be more overwhelmed. After all, her collection includes some of the avant-garde styles from the 18th century. However, even if these are the embodiment of panache back in those days, today they don’t..Continue Reading

DEC 26 2019

Things to Avoid While Renovating Your Kitchen Cabinets

want to Renovating Your Kitchen Cabinets ? Are you ready with your plans of kitchen cabinet renovation? You must be super-excited and must have started shopping for new cabinets, drawers, etc.  However, when you’re making such a huge investment, make sure everything is perfect once it's done! The Kitchen cabinet..Continue Reading

DEC 04 2019

7 Clever Hacks to Repair Wooden Furniture at Home

Are there scratches and ring-marks on your tea table? Is the corner of the wooden table slightly broken? Or the legs of the chair come out often. Bearing repair costs every month is frustrating. Before you finally decide to sell it off, we have good news for you! Eddy’s Furniture..Continue Reading

DEC 04 2019

Tricks to Find the Right Shop for Kitchen Cabinet Restoration in Miami

Kitchen cabinet restoration is a hectic process. If you’re not careful enough to choose the right shop for the job, then your kitchen will be a mess. Do you know that it is essential to prime the wood cabinets before painting them so that the paint doesn't peel off? Of..Continue Reading

NOV 05 2019

7 Attractive Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

Kitchen color idea : Is your kitchen looking dull and small? You have stacked all unused items in the cabinets and cleaned the counter tops. Utensils are kept neatly in the racks. Then why is your kitchen still not looking spacious? Simple, you’ve not paid attention during the selection of..Continue Reading