7 Clever Tricks to Improvise with Old-School Furniture

Tricks to Improvise with Old School Furniture Old-School Furniture .In two weeks you will be moving to Miami , Florida and that means you have to start over. Now, you might have already bought a home and designed it with precision. However, all that is left is the furniture. Now, remember the right kind of furniture can break or make your house, so you’ve got be careful during designing.

However, this does not mean that you should throw away your old furniture. Indeed, there is a lot you can do with antiques if you know the tricks. 

Thankfully, we from Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work know just the tricks. So, sit tight and check out exclusive ways to use old furniture.

1. Layered Bookshelf 

If you own an old-school cabinet, you can use this as a bookshelf. Just ensure to contact a reputed furniture repair shop in Florida to add some matte finish to the cupboard. Once done, it will look shiny and you can place it beside your bed.

This way, you can use the cabinet to store your books and read them at convenience. You can also use this cabinet in your living room or kitchen to store crockery. Either way, the rustiness of the cupboard will bring out an age-old charm that is perfect for a cozy home. 

2. Log Tables 

Log tables were quite popular since the dawn of the 19th century. These were made of wooden slabs and had retro legs. So if you have a log table in your antique collection, you can use it in the lawn or the verandah.

The log table placed in a lawn beside smaller wooden chairs is perfect for radiating medieval-modern aesthetics. You can also use this combination on your terrace or verandah. This way you can lounge in your perfect place and enjoy the warm mellow sun.

3. Decorating a Decimal Table

Many people back in the day used decimal tables for their home décor. So, if you inherited a unique table, first, ensure to get it fixed by a furniture repair in Miami.  Now, once the shop has worked upon its metal legs and library catalogues, you can bring it home.

After that, either attach a mirror and use it as a mini dressing table or simply place it anywhere in your home to store letters, papers and documents.

4. Antique Makeover 

Two-tiered nightstands and tables were quite the rage back in the ’50s. However, even today you can easily improvise on the antique furniture to give it an edge. Just hire any reputed furniture store and add a coat of paint on these.

You can either use matte or simply give it a burgundy finish to make it look classy. Now, use this two-tiered tables and nightstands in your bedroom to give it an old-world aura.

5. White Tables and Art 

Often a retro collection of tables and furniture were made crisp white. Now, adding crisp white old furniture might not ramp up your room that easy. Hence, the best option here is to contact a furniture repair shop in Florida and add floral or artistic designing on it.

You can do this to match your home’s theme or color palate. For example, suppose your living room features Japanese styled theme; you can then draw sakura petals on the white table to give the room a traditional vibe.

6. Front Door Table 

If you are one of the lucky ones in possession of a front door styled table make sure to use it creatively. The front door table possesses layers with a rustic wood finish. The table legs are lean and small, so this is perfect for a living room table.

You can decorate it by adding a foam couch or settee to match the table’s personality. 

7. Barn Wood

If you have a barn wood table, you’re in luck. The barn wood table easily compliments any styles. For instance, whether you have a contemporary styled home or a rustic one, the barn table will look phenomenal in each.

You can also mix contemporary and modern designs with the barn wood to give your room an eclectic touch.

On that note, now that you’re aware of the 7 ways to use old-school furniture ensure to contact a reputed furniture repair shop in Florida to fix your paraphernalia. 

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