7 Clever Hacks to Repair Wooden Furniture at Home

Are there scratches and ring-marks on your tea table? Is the corner of the wooden table slightly broken? Or the legs of the chair come out often. Bearing repair costs every month is frustrating. Before you finally decide to sell it off, we have good news for you! Eddy’s Furniture Restorations & Wood Work Finishing is in town. Furniture repair in Miami is now easy and budget-friendly. We are one of the furniture repairs shops in Florida that have skilled and experienced wood workers. 

However, if there are minor scratches, then you can easily get rid of them without any professional help. Try these clever tricks at home and cover up small scratches and broken parts without going to a furniture repair shop in Florida!

1. Repair wooden furniture Remove minor scratches easily

Tea bags, lemon and walnut – some of the common kitchen items can be easily used for removing covering minor wood scratches. Did you just notice a scratch in your new dining table? Just crack a walnut and rub the meat over the scratch! What else? While drinking tea, take a piece of cotton and dab tea on the scratches and your job is done! Lemon juice also works the same way as tea. 

For any major furniture repair in Miami, you need to call Eddy’s Furniture Restorations & Wood Work Finishing. Get professional services and prevent any further damage to your prized collection.

2. Repair cracks and gouges

When you are using a furniture piece excessively for a long time, then cracks and gouges will be a common problem. With the basic restoration process, you can avoid high damage. For the smaller cracks and holes just buy wood-tone putty. For the larger ones, you can try wood filler. But remember wood fillers are not water-resistant and not weather-proof. So, if you’re planning on fixing the garden chair with wood filler, it won’t last long.

Eddy’s Furniture Restorations & Wood Work Finishing can mend the bigger cracks within the blink of an eye. Are you worried about the cost? We are one of the most affordable furniture repair shop in Florida.

3. Cover up the burns on the wooden furniture

Cigarette burns on tea tables and armchairs are a common sight. If the burns don’t go beyond the surface, the problem is curable at home. Keep a fine steel wool in your carpentry box. Pour spirit over the affected area and rub with fine steel wool. The scorches will vanish! 

However, if your wooden furniture has encountered some serious burn, then immediately take it to a furniture repair shop in Florida. At Eddy’s Furniture Restorations & Wood Work Finishing, we scrape away the scorched area and refinish the furniture by polishing the same.

4. Make dents vanish

Are the dents on the table surface looking bad? Certainly, they are! Then take a hot iron. Place a towel over the dent and rub the iron gently in circular motions over the towel on the dent. See the difference after it’s done. The dent will be barely visible!

5. Remove ring marks from wood

Most of the time you must have noticed, ring marks left by glasses or cups on the tea table. How to remove these ring marks? Very simple! Mix equal parts of vinegar and olive oil and dab it over the ring marks with a soft cloth. To know more easy hacks, visit Eddy’s Furniture Restorations & Wood Work Finishing for furniture repair in Miami. Our wood workers and consultants will help you by giving you advice on such small issues.

6. Repair wooden furniture Fixing broken wooden part

It’s natural for a chunk of the wooden piece to come off from the furniture if the furniture is very old! Don’t panic if this happens. Just go to a nearby shop and buy a good quality glue stick. Clean the damaged part and the broken chunk. Spread the glue evenly on the surface of the piece as well as the furniture. Insert the chunk into the glued spot on the furniture. Finally, wipe away any excess glue. Is it difficult? Save your money next time you find any small broken wooden parts of furniture.

However, if a high degree of damage is done to the wooden furniture, we suggest opting for furniture repair in Miami from Eddy’s Furniture Restorations & Wood Work Finishing.

7. Tighten the handles of the drawer

Loose handles are a common problem with drawers. All you need is a screwdriver to fix the problem. Open the screws and tighten them again. In case if you find the hole has become larger, then you can again drill a smaller hole and fix the handle with the screw in it. For troublesome hinges, the same process can be applied. You can also replace the hinges if required. 

With Eddy’s Furniture Restorations & Wood Work Finishing you can avail excellent furniture repair and restoration services. Hurry! Call us now.

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