7 Attractive Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

Kitchen color idea : Is your kitchen looking dull and small? You have stacked all unused items in the cabinets and cleaned the counter tops. Utensils are kept neatly in the racks. Then why is your kitchen still not looking spacious? Simple, you’ve not paid attention during the selection of kitchen cabinet colors. Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing provides premier quality services such as cabinet making in Florida

Our wood workers are famous for designing kitchen cabinets as per your instructions. Complete kitchen cabinet remodeling and color matching are our forte. We believe in selecting the color and style of the cabinet appropriate with your personality. Your kitchen is the most visited part of your house. We aim at making it beautiful to give you a joyous feeling when you cook!

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Are you not able to decide which color to choose for your kitchen cabinet? Read the list to know the 7 trending kitchen cabinet colors. 


  • White is always the best


White is always a good color choice. For kitchen cabinets, if you paint them in white, then they develop reflectivity. This brightens up the whole kitchen. If your kitchen does not receive much sunlight, then white is surely the color for you. With white cabinets, your kitchen looks bigger. If you ask why? Then go back to physics! White reflects light and makes a room look bigger in our heads. 


  • Soothing grey


You can always go for a neutral color if you’re not able to match the cabinet colors with the floor tiles. Grey is a neutral color and you might have frequently seen your friends using grey cabinets. Working in the kitchen for long hours can be tiring and you may start feeling hot. With grey cabinets, you get a cool and soothing atmosphere. You can also paint the walls, lamps and the accessories grey to match with your new cabinet.


  • Romantic beige 


 Planning a romantic candlelight dinner for your husband? Then you need to have the perfect kitchen interiors to bring out the romantic feeling. Beige colored cabinets coupled with granite countertops and chandeliers hanging over your wooden table is likely to add romance to your date. When you use beige cabinets, the finishing on doors and handles look shiny and elegant. It’s a soft color and you’ll get a sweet and joyous feeling in your heart whenever you enter the kitchen.


  • Unexpected mint green


Mint green! You might be thinking it’s a mad decision to paint your kitchen cabinets min green. Trust us, you’ll love the look after it’s done. If you’re the experimental types, then go for mint green cabinets. It is especially suited for small kitchens. This gives your kitchen a fresh look. Paint your walls and countertops white and your cabinets min green – your kitchen will look as fresh as a garden. Next time your friends visit you, they’ll be surprised to see such a fresh kitchen. 


  • Beautiful blue


Blue breathe life into your kitchen. Pale blue walls coupled with deep indigo cabinets are the best choice for spacious kitchens. Contrasting one or more bold colors together is trending. You can mix match any shade of blue to highlight your cabinets. To make your cabinets look livelier you can use white terracotta tiles for your kitchen wall. Again, if you have white marble kitchen floors then to add a tranquil feel, paint your cabinets navy blue. Blue gives the notice-me feeling and hence your kitchen will look attractive and will be appreciated by all. 


  • Red hot kitchen


Yes, you heard it right. Red can also be a potential kitchen cabinet color. Red cabinets make your kitchen look traditional and old fashioned. If you want to restore your mother’s essence within the kitchen, we suggest you paint it red. However, this has been listed in the second last position because everyone is not bold enough to select red. If you want a different look, go for red. 


  • Elegant black


Dark colors can indeed make your kitchen look smaller, but black cabinets are elegant to look at. They are beautiful and you can’t avoid selecting them once you’ve seen them. What’s more? Black cabinets give a clean look to your kitchen. 


Kitchen remodelling can be a big decision. At Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing, you get stylish cabinets and a wide range of colors to choose from. You deserve the best, so to make your kitchen look elegant hire our woodworkers.

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