6 Ways to Transform Old Furniture into Savvy Items of Use

Furniture restoration – Are you a resident of the United States recently undertaking a home renovation project? Well, then you must have a lot on your mind. Creating a home with your hands isn’t as simple as it looks. To make your home look like an embodiment of panache you need to let your creativity run wild.

This means, you do not just have to focus on the home’s color and interior, but you need to consider every aspect of aesthetics. Now, the mark of a true genius isn’t hiring the best interior decorating company to transform your home

For originality, you can cut down budget while using old materials to create something new. In today’s blog, we from Eddy’s & Furniture Restoration and Wood Work will talk about creative ways to use old furniture for a modern home.

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1. A Child’s Wooden Cradle 

Your child has outgrown his crib/cradle and you’ve been thinking of selling his crib online. Well, don’t just do it now. You can easily use the cradle to make a unique study table for your kid. All you need to do is improvise on a design. 

You can remove the first section of the crib completely, and add two small wooden chairs to give the table a form. 

To see this item come to life simply contact a furniture repair shop in Florida and let them transform the crib for you. Once done, you can place this crib turned study table in your child’s nursery and give the room a good style.

2. Wooden Cable Drum into a Bookshelf

Numerous homes often throw away wooden cable drums that lie about unused in the residence. However, if you have a penchant for reading, maybe hold on to those drums for a while. Imagine this, paint the drums your favourite shade, attach slender pillars across its cylindrical body and you have a suave looking bookshelf

For better convenience, you can even add a pair of wheels underneath the wooden drums to make a portable bookshelf. To transform this consult a reputed furniture repair in Miami and let them design you an Haute curry piece of furniture

You can keep this bookshelf beside your bed, couch and other areas, where you can read in peace.

3. Old Bed Skeleton to a Bench 

Suppose you inherited your childhood bed from your family. However, the old wooden bed just doesn’t seem to fit into your contemporary bedroom, the best thing to do is transform it. For this, all you’ll need to do is hire a furniture repair in Miami.

You can add or attach wooden slabs on the bed’s middle to turn it into a makeshift lawn chair. Once done, place it in your garden or lawn and paint it as suited. In the end, you can place cushions on it and use it as a chair. 

4. A Worn-out Cabinet as a Play Kitchen 

Let’s assume you have one of those 90’s wooden cabinets, which is sadly quite out of fashion. The thing you can do with this is, turn it into a play kitchen. So, contact any reputed furniture repair in Miami and let them repair the basic wears and tears.

After that, hire a paint company or undertake a DIY project to paint the cabinet in the style of a mini kitchen. You can attach a mirror with curtains, install a makeshift sink, and hang a utensil rod to give it a pantry vibe.

Once done, surprise your child with this gift and also add a cool vibe to your home

5. An Old Work Bench into a Shoe

Another way to get creative with old furniture is by transforming an old small layered workbench into a shoe shelf. Strip away the drawers till the skeleton of the workbench remains. Now, if it is layered, you can contact a reputed furniture repair shop in Florida and have them give it a smoother finish.

According to your needs, attach a door if necessary or just coat it with a wooden finish to make it glow.

6. Drawers into Wine Racks

If you have a penchant for collecting wine then the best thing to do is transforming an old drawer into a wine rack. How to do it? Simple! Your selected furniture repair shop can alter and adjust sections of the drawer to turn it into a fancy wine rack.

For best results, decorate it with adding frames and artefacts on the top of the drawer, and add wine in sequence in the lower section. In this way, you can flaunt and feature your prized wine collection.

On that note, now that you’re aware of the 6 creative ways to use old furniture, get creative now. Once you have the designs, just contact a good furniture repair company in town. For best assistance, you can also give us a call at Eddy’s & Furniture Restoration and Wood Work. Thank you!

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