6 Smart Ways to Refurbish Old Kitchen Cabinets

KItchen cabinet Refurbish : Most of us tend to throw away things as soon as they grow old. This is the very situation of old kitchen cabinets. However, many a time, we can extend the life of old furniture and cabinets if we are smart enough to use a few tricks.

This can help maximize the utility of a cabinet or furniture to its maximum potential. Not to mention, old furniture when dumped in the landfill before its time adds on to toxic waste; this can cause harmful environmental hazards that have bad consequences!

So, why hurt the environment and lose money when you can always refurbish? Today, we from Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work are here with 6 smart ways you can refurbish kitchen cabinets.

So, Let’s Get Started:

1) More Storage Please?

Let’s be real, no one ever says that have enough storage to hold old things. Residential homes are always struggling with the need for adequate storage in their kitchens. So, as per our kitchen cabinet restoration in Miami, adding extra storage with your cabinets is a good choice.

You can assemble a number of boxes and design makeshift furniture to go with your cabinets. Now, if you’ve no idea how to assemble it, contact a cabinet restoration company and let their professionals attach and fix the built-in furniture beside your cabinet.

You can now keep spices, old cookbooks, cutlery or more in this storage space and make kitchen life convenient for you.

2) Reface Cabinets 

Your home was recently remodeled but your kitchen cabinets just don’t seem to compliment the interior of your home? Well, now you might be concerned that you’ll have to spend more than $5000 on new cabinets. However, that need not be!

Why don’t you reface the old cabinets? Refacing the cabinet can do wonders to change how your cabinet will look. All you need to do is add a few doors and veneer to change its outlook. To do this, simply consult any reputed kitchen cabinet restoration in Miami and let them transform the outlook of your cabinet.

The best part refacing a cabinet only costs up to $1000, so you’ll save up loads of extra money in the go!

3) A Dash of Paint

Sometimes your kitchen can look shady and murky because those dark cabinets have sucked out all the light. But, this does not mean you need to invest in new cabinets. You can simply opt for a paint makeover of your cabinets to make them look brighter and aesthetically appealing.

So, suppose you’ve painted your kitchen in a yellow and black theme then to compliment it best opt for occur-yellow cabinets. This occur yellow paint on your cabinet will make it look pretty, prim and bright.

However, before painting it use some grease and sandpaper to smooth out the cabinet and prepare it for the change.

4) Cabinet Lighting 

When old cabinets start to lose their touch of sophistication, often decking them up with cabinet lights is a good idea. Attaching under cabinet lighting is one of the best ways to brighten up cabinet space and counter tops.

The best part, these cabinet lightings are super convenient too. You can read out recipes, chop vegetables with precision, and perform other related tasks with ease. To add the needful lighting, simply consult your nearby kitchen cabinet restoration in Miami and let their professionals handle the situation with ease.

5) Add a Molding Board for kitchen cabinet restoration

You think storing cutting boards and other ancillary kitchen necessities in your cabinet can cause storage issues? Well, worry no more! Simply invest in molding board that you can attach atop your cabinet to maximize the use of space.

Just consult a good cabinet repair company and let them bring you a hardwood platform to attach above your cabinets. Once done, you can store cutting boards, flat boards, chopping utensils and more on this crown molding.

6) Attach a Sideboard for kitchen cabinet restoration

Possessing a sideboard is without a doubt very beneficial to households. Moreover, a sideboard in the kitchen can help exploit a lot of unused space and store items effectively. However, investing in new sideboard furniture can lead to a big dent in your finances.

However, as per reputed kitchen cabinet restoration in Miami, you can attach a sideboard with your cabinets. For this, you need molding cabinets, furniture feet, and a few stock pantry bases. Once you have all these, your selected cabinet restoration company will attach these to give you a sideboard cabinet.

The best part about this is that your finances won’t suffer much! Just ensure to pick a reputed cabinet repair shop in your vicinity. So, opt for word-of-mouth or simply contact us at Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work, for more insight. We have trained professionals who are adept in the art of cabinet restoration and can refurbish your kitchen to your liking.



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