7 Attractive Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

Kitchen color idea : Is your kitchen looking dull and small? You have stacked all unused items in the cabinets and cleaned the counter tops. Utensils are kept neatly in the racks. Then why is your kitchen still not looking spacious? Simple, you’ve not paid attention during the selection of kitchen cabinet colors. Eddy’s Furniture … Continue reading “7 Attractive Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas”

How to Take Care of Antique Furniture Pieces

Do you have a 16th century Elizabethan closet at your place? Or is your great grandmother’s mirror looking shabby? Then you have certainly not taken care of your antique furniture pieces. Every antique furniture has a story to tell.  We, at Eddy’s Furniture Restoration and Wood Work Finishing, understand the value of old furniture pieces. … Continue reading “How to Take Care of Antique Furniture Pieces”